I was lucky enough to wander around Weyfest with my camera for a few hours. It’s a great family festival with loads to see & do . Here are a few shots of some of the great artists I bumped into‚Ķ…WEYFEST WMs-1WEYFEST WMs-3WEYFEST WMs-4 WEYFEST WMs-5 WEYFEST WMs-6 WEYFEST WMs-7King King


Eddie & The Hot RodsWEYFEST WMs-2Jo Harman

WEYFEST WMs-14Gavin Thomas

WEYFEST WMs-17Jackie Lynton

WEYFEST WMs-18Rival Empires – Lucy Albury

WEYFEST WMs-15 WEYFEST WMs-16Leatherat – Pete Bailey

WEYFEST WMs-20 WEYFEST WMs-12Sons Of Icarus

WEYFEST WMs-9Jonas & Jane