A few shots from some great nights this year at my favourite venue (including Hannah Lou Clark, Darlia, RATBOY, Hinds, The Parrots, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, Will Joseph Cook, Michael Cera, Colleen Green, Palm Honey, Son Joan Vinyl Staircase, ODYXXEY, Annabel Allum & others 🙂 )HINDS / BOILEROOM / GUILDFORD / ROB BLACKHAM / LIVE / IPC MEDIAallum b room foggy wm-1cera-3girl in crowd-1colleen green backstage bw-1Darlia / Boileroom / GuildfordHannah Lou Clark / Boileroom / Guildfordwill joseph cook boileroom WM-8hooton tennis club b room wm-15RATBOY live wm-9jim jones portrait watermark-3ODYXXEY wm-9 ODYXXEY wm-62palm honey wm-1parrots band plus ryan wm-1RATBOY / / GUILDFORD / shot by Rob Blackham for www.blackhamimages.com The Parrots / Boileroom / shot by Rob Blackham www.blackhamimages.commike thorpe WM-1henry band-4 will joseph cook boileroom WM-12