Some highlights from the second day of Bluesfest 2015: Ian Siegal, Matt Schofield, Mollie Marriott, Marcus Bonfanti & moreā€¦..many thanks to Leo Green for the invite RBdusty cigaar INST-1 mollie walk wm-1BLUESFEST WM-41BLUESFEST WM-13 BLUESFEST WM-15 BLUESFEST WM-19 BLUESFEST WM-26 BLUESFEST WM-28 BLUESFEST WM-32 BLUESFEST WM-36 BLUESFEST WM-39 BLUESFEST WM-45 BLUESFEST WM-47 BLUESFEST WM-50 BLUESFEST WM-51 BLUESFEST WM-53 BLUESFEST WM-54 BLUESFEST WM-55 BLUESFEST WM-56 BLUESFEST WM-58 BLUESFEST WM-59 BLUESFEST WM-61 BLUESFEST WM-62 BLUESFEST WM-64